Dorothy’s Dementia Chapter 2

It was a beautiful ride to the hospital this morning and Dorothy was sound asleep when I walked in.   I woke her up and got her a cup of coffee and shortly after- breakfast arrived- scrambled eggs, potatoes and oatmeal.   She ate good and is drinking lots of cranberry juice.  UTI-    )-:  one of the worst things you can get in the hospital, hopefully they will start her on the antibiotic soon and she will start feeling better.

The Tech came and helped her walk with her walker to the chair- she’s getting stronger every day.  It will be interesting at rehab to see how she does – the hope is a speedy recovery so she can get back to her comfortable surroundings.

Paul and I are visiting with her and waiting on the doctor- not sure what will happen now with the infection – if they will keep her another day or not.  The room is all of a sudden full -with PT and Tech’s and Nurses. Getting her ready for PT.  

Paul and I slip out for a few hours.  And of course – the doctor came while we were gone.   I think sometimes, they linger at the end of the hall and wait for the families to leave. (-:

So, we wait until tomorrow to see what happens.

Understanding & Love,Cheryl Doreen

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