Dorothy’s Dementia Chapter 2

Dorothy ate breakfast, got out of bed and did her “business” and walked to the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth.   I usually take these things for granted- but for mom, these are successes for the exit of her current situation.

The past few days I have made a few Target and Kohl’s runs- you know how it is when your child starts a new sport-or goes to camp- you have to get all the correct equipment for them to be comfortable and successful.   

Well, it’s the same way with older folks- (we go full circle) mom is headed to rehab and of course they have a list of “things to bring”.   They request gym shorts, pull on pants, sturdy on and off tennis shoes-etc.  Dorothy doesn’t have any of those things – she’s still a jeans lady- so the search begins.   I am a logical person, so- I’m thinking that “day” dresses will be better for her to navigate through the next several weeks.  So, I go on a hunt for them- can’t find them- so I end up purchasing pretty nightgowns that will be fine- as long as she pairs them with a sweater- which she will because she is always cold- she should be fine.   I can’t imagine pulling up and down shorts and having them rub against the huge incision on my leg- it would have to be painful and probably not good for the healing process.  The gym shorts will have to wait.    

Stay healthy and safe- getting hurt or being sick is very expensive.


Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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