Dorothy’s Dementia Chapter 2

A long story short- they released mom on Thursday to rehab.  It was a bitter sweet day for me.  I was very glad for her to be leaving the hospital- and I understand that what is on the horizon is going to be difficult.  The ride in the ambulance was uneventful.  I, of course drove separately and had so many mixed feelings and emotions about what we would be facing next. I took several deep breaths and enjoyed the skyview on the way.

We arrived around 3:30 Thursday afternoon.   It was a good transition for the most part- except for the part where she was left alone for a few minutes.  A nurse was with her and I told her that I need to run right across the street to get her some gym shorts for rehab- (a lady can’t do exercises on the floor with a dress without gymshorts on). I was gone 25 minutes and when I got back, I found that the nurse and mom were both gone. After the nurse was finished with what she came to do she left the room with mom alone.  Mom was confused and in a state of panic and did not remember where she was or why-so she stood up and walked out of her room with no walker with her catheter dragging behind her.  

Dorothy made it out of her room and down the hall before she was caught.  One of the workers noticed her and quickly helped her in a wheelchair.  She was then moved down to the nurse’s station for safe keeping where she sat fuming.  When I walked down to get her- it was like I was 8 years old – that look of “you are in so much trouble” was seeping from every core of her being. “You and I young lady are going to have a conversation” was the first thing out of her mouth- with her index finger pointing right at me.   “Who do you think you are just dropping me off and leaving me alone”?   I did not want to continue this conversation out in public- so I cheerfully said, “Mom- let me take you back to your room”. She then turned to one of  the nurses- and informed her in a strong, authority sounding voice that she would be talking to her later- the nurse also she got the pointy finger.     The nurse and I shared a smiling exchange.  

When we got to her room, I did get that good talking to. It was everything I could do to keep from laughing and crying at the same time. Oh my gosh!  To see your mom, fade away- not remembering anything- before your eyes is difficult   So, I sat there and took it- and apologized- but not for leaving her alone-  she was scolding me because she thought I was talking to everyone there about her – telling everyone her business-she informed me that I could not speak for her and to never ever do anything like this again. I realized that now the delusion is taking ahold -and that this is really going to suck!

I finally talked her back to “good” and I pushed her down the hall and out onto the courtyard.  The outside calms her soul- so I knew this was the best place for her.  Her dinner was brought to her outside and she ate like a champ unaware of what had taken place 30 minutes ago. By this time Paul was there and she was as calm and happy as a clam.

We stayed until 7:30- at 7:00 the sitter arrived, and we visited for a while- policy says that mom has to have a sitter for a few nights until they can determine if she is okay to say alone at night.  

Sleep comes easy this night for me- and I awake Friday to go see her one more time before I take a 54-hour break from it all.   

She will be fine- she is where she needs to be.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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