Dorothy’s Dementia Chapter 2

Dorothy is settled in and settled down.   She seems to be adjusting and is interacting good with PT and OT and is making friends with some of the other rehabbers.  I saw her on Friday- but Saturday I took a much-needed break.  

The nurse called late Saturday afternoon and informed me that mom had “lost” her catheter.  No-one is sure if she pulled it out or if it fell out when she was walking.  Either way, I look at it as a God Wink- obviously he didn’t’ think she needed it either. There were no repercussions from the loss, and she is doing great without it. And the UTI has cleared up so,- in this arena – life is good.

Sunday, I went for a visit and she was still “confused as to where, why, and what not”.  She was exhausted- she is restless every night until about 3:00 am- then up by 7:30, plus her body is beat up- of course she’s exhausted.   Late  Sunday evening, I got a call from the sitter -around 10:30- and a long story short they quit- yep, just walked out- leaving mom unattended with a sitter- I’ll tell the story another day.    I called and informed the nurse and asked  if I needed to come and stay the night with her- and they said no- they had it covered.   Monday morning, I was on the phone with the “office staff” finding a new sitter.  It all worked out – hopefully the new sitter will only be with her for a few more days.  Dorothy is doing amazing! – getting in and out of bed- getting to the bathroom- with her walker- and back to bed or the chair.  She is even getting dressed herself – even her baggy gym shorts aren’t giving her any problem- and she doesn’t have a problem brushing her teeth or hair. It’s just taking a little longer. (-:

Today I went for a visit and it was “when can I get out of here”?  LOL, she was very happy to see me.  Paul was there earlier in the morning- but, she doesn’t’ remember. She just doesn’t remember. She did 1 ½ hours of PT in the afternoon- so by the time I saw her she was flat worn out. 

  She asked me to stay for supper, which I did- it was tough keeping her awake.   Right after dinner we went back to her room and she got ready for bed.  I helped her get in bed- she was too tired to raise her hurt leg-I was happy to help.   I propped her bad leg up on pillows -tucker her in – hugged her neck, kissed her ,told her I love her and I’m pretty sure she was long gone before I hit the front door.

She won’t remember any of it- but, I will. 

Today was a good day- and tomorrow will be another good day.

Love & Light,

Cheryl Doreen

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