Dorothy’s Dementia Chapter 2

Dorothy now has a roommate- and she is the total opposite- and they do not attract each other LOL, to mom she is like finger nails on the chalkboard. She’s a loud talker on the phone- “all day and night”- per mom- and I’ve noticed that she’s very talkative when she’s off the phone.   Just another reason it’s time for mom to go back home- which now she references home as her apartment- which I’m so happy about.  

I went over yesterday afternoon and walked her down the hall to the social worker and we asked her- since she’s in charge- when mom could go home.   She responded correctly by saying “It just so happens that we are having a meeting tomorrow to discuss her progress”.  I said “great!” I’d like to be here, what time?  She said I could join in on a phone conversation- so, I’m anxious for 10 AM to be here this morning. Hopefully with a good report. 

Mom and I then went down the street to Kohls – just to get her out.  She used her walker and did not have any issues getting in and out of the car by herself.  When we got inside the store- we used the wheelchair- I’m not a very good wheel chair driver-LOL – the good thing is she did not get injured. (-:

We were out and about an hour or so- just looking- not buying anything.  She didn’t complain once- which is a good thing.    We went back to the Rehab world and she was ready for dinner.  

I’m happy that this chapter is almost over.

Love & Light!

Cheryl Doreen

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