Dorothy’s Dementia Chapter 2

It’s July 5th– Happy Belated Birthday America!    I’m proud to be an American and so grateful for all the opportunities this great country offers- and to all of those who help keep it a Free Nation. 

Today is the day Dorothy gets to go back to her comfort zone.  Her apartment, her things, her friends, her world.  I’m so excited for her- she has worked hard in rehab – which has been easier because she has always been active- and the reward is an early release from a chaotic environment.   Mom is used to a calmer, quieter environment- she likes excitement only when she chooses. I wonder if she remembers she is going home today? 

The first thing I’m going to do for her is let her get in the shower and just let the water run over her as long as she wants.  I know everyone will be glad to see her and  I’m hoping she will settle right back into her routine.  Which will be somewhat interrupted with continued PT- but that will be there an should be “fun” for her. 

I stopped by yesterday morning at her apartment and made sure there were no spider webs- and that she had the correct clothes- pull ups shorts will be her wardrobe for the next few months.  She informed me that she did not want to wear dresses when she got back to her place- and it will be interesting to see if she hold to that- dresses are so much more comfortable in the summer.   

Before I left her apartment-I stopped in to see her friends at the lunch table.   They all know me and were happy to see me- and the best thing was seeing their faces some light up when I told them “Dorothy would be coming home tomorrow”.   We visited for a few minutes and I headed out to see mom.

She was up and her roommate was talking her to death. LOLO,  Oh it’s too funny- this woman has so much to talk about.     Mom and I went for a walk and ended outside ““SOAKing UP THE SUN” Sheryl Crow- “ While it’s still free- I’m gonna soak up the sun – before it goes out on me.””

Love & Light,

Cheryl Doreen

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