Dorothy’s Dementia Chapter 3

Mom seems to be settling back into her “home” just fine. She’s still confused and can’t remember anything. But- it is… what it is.  I was struggling on whether or not to let her keep the phone or to make it disappear.  I decided to let her keep it- she only calls at night- and if that is the loneliest time for her -then I can suck it up and be there for her a little while longer.

She did call me Friday night and was totally confused.  So, I calmly explained it to her again what, why, when and where she is now.   The toughest part is listening to her cry- she doesn’t do it very often-but, when she does it’s difficult.  I keep telling myself that this is the last gift I can give her- the gift of being able to reach out and someone being there.

I went to visit her on Saturday- and she answered the door withouther walker.  I was so upset with her, I went to her bedside and got it and brought it to her and told her that she could not – under any circumstances go anywhere without it.     She looked at me and had tears in her eyes and said, “why can’t I remember”.   Then I felt like crap- so I hugged her and told her how proud I was of her and how far she has come from her fall and broken hip.  And how important it was for her to TRY to remember to use the walker- or she would end up back in bed all the time.   

Once she calmed down, I told her I had come to take her out for Ice Cream.  Happiness came over her face and she was ready to go.  We had a good visit and a good outing.  I took her back and her friend Chuck was sitting out front. She wanted to sit with him, so we did.  I did not stay long.  I left knowing that she was going to be ok.

Love & Light,

Cheryl Doreen

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