Dorothy’s Dementia Chapter 3

My two grandboys and I – along with my brother went today to see mom.  When we pulled up – she was sitting out front in her favorite spot. She was so happy to see us- a huge smile overtook her face.  We hugged her and visited for a while- then the boys and I went to her apartment and gathered her dirty laundry.  They had a fun time seeing all of Grams’ things. 

The oldest grandson played a tune on the piano in the great room and froze up after that- I think it was just stage fright.  I was so proud of him – playing in front of “old” people can be overwhelming.  Dorothy was so proud to have her great grandsons there and she was telling anyone who would listen who they were.  (-:  It was good to see her happy.  Everyone enjoyed the boys and they were very nice and polite and talkative.  

Her rehab is going good and she pretty much does what she used to do- a curse and a blessing -dementia gives us.  She still calls me each night with the same song- I just listen and I wonder if I did the right thing by letting the phone be.  We will see.

Love and Light!

Cheryl Doreen

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