Dorothy’s Dementia Chapter 3 -outside.

Life!  I love it!   Somedays it’s glorious and somedays not so much.   If you just stop go outside sit still for 30 minutes- more or less- and breathe -take in all that is surrounding you- you will soon realize that you do not have any problems. All the stress, frustration and bullcrap of the situation, the day, the moment-just seems to fade away.  Problems come in all shapes and sizes- people you work with, things you want to control- but can’t, too much noise, not enough noise, sitting on hold waiting on a live person to talk to- only to be put on hold again, trying to communicate to someone who doesn’t want to listen, not enough money, not enough time, kids, partners, parents – and the list goes on.

So, when life gets to heavy- go outside, sit on a rock, a chair- lean against a tree, sit in a comfortable deck chair or the relaxing hammock- sit by a stream and put your feet in and let the water rush over them- or just turn on the garden hose.  Find someplace to just escape and enjoy life without the daily drama or frustrations.  Nature= life.   Or maybe go outside at night and watch the fireflies, look at the stars, listen to the treefrogs and crickets.

Whatever it is- make time to do it. Yourself will thank you.

Also, encourage your loved one to do the same, or better yet take them- to the park or the back yard or the park- or just drive along a waterway and find a spot to pull over- or just take them to the front porch.   Get them outside- everyone likes it outside.

Love and Light,

Cheryl Doreen

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