Dorothy’s Dementia Chapter 3

It’s the weekend! Everyone loves the weekend- except old folks in old folks’ homes- the days just run together. And they really don’t have anything exciting to look forward to.  They are out of their comfort zone and confused and mad.  I hope I do not end up the same way- but I’m pretty sure I will.  (-:

Paul and I went on Saturday to visit mom- she was sitting outside when we pulled up.  She recognized us and smiled big. She was sitting by herself and we sat down beside her for a visit.   I had brought her clean laundry and decided to go ahead and take it to her room and get the dirty ones and change her sheets.  When I walked into her room I was met with the “old peoples smell” I couldn’t believe it- you know the smell I’m talking about- it’s as noticeable as a new born baby’s smell.  I was literally heartbroken- I knew this smell was inevitable- but I wasn’t prepared for it.   Sigh!    I cleaned up her room, gathered her clothes- which she had hung in the strangest places- and put clean sheets on her bed.  I’m sure I will stop doing this routine now that she cannot do it with me.  But-I’ll hang on to it for a while.   

I went back outside, and I asked her to show me the new sidewalk that goes around the building.  It’s actually a great walk- it’s not complete- it’s work in progress – but it will be very nice to go visit her and take her for a walk.  The back and one side look out over the woods and it will be very nice to sit there this fall and watch the trees change.   There is a garden back in the back courtyard that has been unattended for several years. If mom is doing good next spring, I will go purchase some flowers and maybe a tomato plant or two and we can work on the garden when I visit.   The days of taking her out and about will be fewer and farther between.  

Maybe I can convince some of moms’ friends to go on a walk or help with the garden.  Or maybe it’s too late.  Either way it goes, I’m ok with it- I know I’ve done all I can for Dorothy.

Life is good!

Love and Light!

Cheryl Doreen

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