Dorothy’s Dementia

Dorothy broke her ankle about 10 years ago and we had gotten her a walker with wheels, brakes and a seat- which lifts up and there is a carry bag underneath.  It’s the Cadillac of walkers- LOL I took it to her yesterday and she was really excited.  She took it for a spin, and she remembered how to set the break so it wouldn’t move when she needs to turn around and sit down on it.   I took her other walker – hospital issued- to her room and left it there just in case she likes it better.    When I came back out, she was showing it off to one of her friends.  Most of them with walkers have the Cadillac model- and her friend was excited for her.  She fits right in with the “in” crowd- plus if she goes to sit outside and there aren’t any chairs- she can sit and visit with her friends.   

We visited for a while with each other and with another couple that was sitting outside- a husband and wife.  The wife told me how much she enjoys talking to Dorothy and that sometimes mom is really good- and others not so good.  She informed me that her husband doesn’t remember anything either.  She said that they have been married for 45 years and that he doesn’t remember it- he thinks she is his girlfriend.   My heart immediately broke for her- I can’t imagine my best friend, lover, husband not knowing who I was- not remembering our life together.   Wow!  I can’t imagine the pain and suffering and loss she is feeling every time she comes to see him. Talk about pain and suffering.  )-:

Dementia and Alzheimer’s suck!    I pray that she has the guidance, strength and support to go through this journey.   I will make a conscious effort to look her up every time I’m there and check on her to see how she is.  

Remember- “Everybody needs somebody to lean on” The Traveling Wheelburys.  Be there for someone.

Light & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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