Dorothy’s Dementia #3 Sheets


Mom called me at noon yesterday- It’s the full moon on the rise- as you know- it’s a tougher time. She couldn’t find her sheets- (I had gone on Saturday and changed them and took the dirty ones with me.) She said that someone had come into her apartment and took them. ” Why would they do that Cheryl?” I calmly told her that the maids had probably come in and cleaned her room and had taken them off to wash them. She agreed with me and wondered when they were going to bring them back.    I told her that I would call and check on them and call her back.  

Dorothy and I have been doing her laundry on Fridays for as long as she has been there. This changed when she fell, and I’ve been managing it without her. I will admit—-I do iron her clothes- and I do not get the enjoyment out of it that she did. LOL!   On occasion the staff does go into her room to gather her laundry to wash. They do this as a service to everyone- (it’s included in the cost)- so, I was hoping that this was the case with the “missing sheets”.    I called and talked to them and told them that mom was confused about her sheets and when someone had the time, if they could go help her figure it out.  

I did not call her back- I knew she would call me- and she did.   She did not ask about the sheets- she started singing her song right away.   After a few verses I broke in and ask her if she found her sheets.  She had no idea why I was asking the question.   I asked her what sheets she had on her bed – she responded with “well the flannel ones”- the other ones are dirty.    I respond “dirty?”   and she said, yes, I changed them this morning.   Sigh! And besides Cheryl, it’s so cold in here the flannel sheets are much better.

I wonder how much longer I will be doing her laundry- it might be time to let that go.


Love and Light!

Cheryl Doreen

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