Dorothy’s Dementia Chapter 3- Saturday

When I pulled into Dorothy’s place, she was out walking with her friend Chuck they were smiling and talking and having a good time. Then she recognized me- and the first thing she said was- “I hope you are coming to take me out of this place”.   Sigh!    There is no way she wants me to know that she is enjoying herself- or her friends.  Why?   Does she think it will upset me to see that she is having fun?  HUMMMMM   I don’t worry about it- but it is interesting.  

I did take her out of “that place” and she did surprisingly well with getting in and out of the car and walking to and fro.  Again, having dementia helps you heal quicker- because you don’t remember why you hurt.   As soon as they figure out the disease- they can turn this part of the brain off so we can heal quicker- then turn it back on when we are healed.  You would think that someone would be all over finding a cure- it has so many opportunities for advanced medicine and whatever else they can think up. 

I took her to the “junky” store, and she enjoyed looking at everything.  I did let her out at the front door with her walker and picked her up there- so she wouldn’t have to walk too much.    Then we went to lunch at Folks for a Cheeseburger- she was so excited! They actually make the best hamburgers.   There was a 16-month-old little boy that kept her entertained- I was very thankful for the break- she sings her song almost the entire time I’m with her.  (-:

We finished the day at Walmart- she goes through about a tube of toothpaste a week- and about ¼ of a jar of face cream.   She doesn’t remember if she just put the cream on- or if she has just brushed her teeth.   But I guess this is better than not doing it at all.  (-:  

I took her back to her place and I’m hoping she took a nap- I sure could have used one- LOL.    She called a few hours later  asking “just wondering when I was going to come and get her out of this place”.    Sigh!  I responded with- “maybe tomorrow mom”.

Every day is a good day!

Love & Light!

Cheryl Doreen

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