Dorothy’s Dementia #3 New Line

Dorothy calls at 6:15- she’s back to “normal”- she starts her song- I listen till the end.  Then I tell her that I will help her anyway I can to get her out of her current situation.   She is happy to hear this- because -this is what she wants to hear- and she says, “Thank You” and good bye- she hangs up happy.

She calls fifteen minutes later, and I am in the car driving- I answer the phone and she starts singing again- not remembering that she just called.   I listen as she sings and when she gets to the verse of – “there is nothing to do here at this place that Paul has put me” I ask her “who’s fault is that mom- there is plenty of activities to do”?  She blows up- she angrily tells me that she cannot believe that I am afraid of my brother and that I am not strong enough help her- then she hangs up the phone.  I bust out laughing- where is this new line coming from?  

I call my brother and I tell him what just went down- and we talk about not hearing the green bean story or the Easter Egg story anymore and how she has moved on to different tactics.  We laughed and wondered aloud to each other -why and where does this stuff come from?  Even though we know there is no answer to the question.

Fifteen minutes later she calls again.  I answer- and she starts singing- like it’s the first time she’s called me all day. There is a knock at her door.  It’s her friend Stella, she has come to get her to take her to the movie that is getting ready to start in the “great room”.  She tells her  that she is “talking to my daughter” and she’ll be there -in a minute.    When she addresses me again- she says, “what were we talking about?”  I tell her that she was telling me that she was getting ready to go to the movie. She replied oh yes, I gotta go.  Bye!


Love and Light!

Cheryl Doreen

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