Dorothy’s Dementia – I wonder.

Sometimes I wonder how Dorothy does it.  Living only in the moment- not being able to remember-from -moment to moment.   It seems to me that most of the time it doesn’t bother her – especially if she’s active with her friends.  When I get her and take her out- she always sings her song- several times- but she also alwaystells me how much she appreciates me coming and getting her out and about.   

I am hopeful that she does not sing her song to her friends all day long.  Or maybe that’s what they do all day – sing to each other. But I doubt it- there is so much going on they do keep busy.

 I can always tell when she has had a bad day- or she’s not ready for it to end.  She sings about getting a lawyer to help her and how unfair it is for her to be where she is.  The intensity in her voice rises on the worst days- and I wonder what’s going on in her mind.   Is her brain hurting?  Is she hallucinating?  Is she in pain?  Or is she just confused?    I wonder if we will ever know what goes on in the minds of the demented.  

Dementia is like a cold- everyone experiences different symptoms.   Some of us can power through the cold and some of us just stop and let it overtake us- until it decides to leave.  Drunks have different symptoms too- some are happy – some are sad- some are violent.  It boggles the mind trying to figure it all out.

I wonder how long she will have to live like this.

Peace & Love, 

Cheryl Doreen

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