Dorothy’s Dementia-

Mom calls tonight she has a different verse- same song- but she is talking about onions- not eggs or beans but it was the onions that sent the neighbors over the edge and they told Paul that she was inappropriate- and she ended up where she is.  If you’ve been reading this blog- you will know what I’m talking about. 

 She went on to say that it’s a good thing –she is fine- she can survive on her own- she doesn’t need anyone to tell her what to do.  She’s learned to do what she needs to do where she is- she’s just fine.   But, why should she pay to live there when she has a house- if she has to go to court – she will not have a problem winning- but She doesn’t want to do that- she just want to go back to her house and mind her own business and be left alone and she will be fine.  This has been a good learning experience for her, and she doesn’t need people —she can survive and live her life without having people around her.  She doesn’t want to be dramatic.  She just feels as though she’s served my time and she needs my help getting back to her house.  I need to let her know when I’m available to help. 

She says bye and hangs up the phone.

Sundowners and Dementia are a terrible combination- Dorothy has called four times in the last 2 ½ hours. She’s tired and needs advice as to what she needs to do.  She’s confused, she’d scared, she’s out of it.   She needs to sing her song. But mostly -she just needs someone to listen- and I here for her.

Peace & Love,

 Cheryl Doreen

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