Dorothy’s Dementia

I took a vacation to the best place ever!- Majestic Dude Ranch- it was everything I thought it would be: horse back riding, biking, ATV trails, fishing, archery, skeet, human foosball, sun rises, sunsets- the Aspens just starting to turn, star studded night sky- where you could actually see the stars twinkle- and the entire Milky Way. A girlfriend from Ohio and I went and we had the most amazing time. I will spend another week there in a year or two- and if you have a desire to go to a dude ranch- please make this one your destination- you won’t regret it. (-:

Mom might of called a time or two- but I was off the grid and did-not worry about her or anybody else. ( I need to get off the grid more often.) My brother took her calls and the first thing he said to me when I got back was- “how do you do it?” I could only talk to her once each night. Like I said- we all can do different things. (-: He also took care of her on Saturday- getting her out- changing up the laundry- ect.

She’s been good this week- of course it’s the new moon- so things are calm. I look forward to spending time with her on Friday and telling her about my trip. She’s and outdoors girl too- so she’ll enjoy the stories.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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