Dorothy’s Dementia

Today is Halloween and the Assisted Living is having a costume party.  So, last night I took Dorothy a pair of Minnie Mouse Ears on a headband that hopefully she will wear with childlike happiness.  I hope she remembers to wear them- I left a note- but- mom might have thrown the note away.  (-:

I will get off of work early today and I’m thinking of going by to see her and her friends to see how many of them dressed up.  (I’m a Gypsy today- I work at an amazing place where they let us have fun!)

When I was there last night mom wanted to know when she could go home or at least go to an assisted living facility.  She doesn’t need to be where she is- she is just fine.  (-:    After about 5 minutes of this I told her I had to head home- out of the blue says “Cheryl, I can’t find my phone -do you know where it is?”   I told her that I had come and gotten it last week because it was broken.  She said she needed a new one- not a new fancy one- a new one just like the one she had.

So, now- I’m torn- Do I return the phone?  Do I keep telling her the same thing?   To be honest this is heavy on my heart.   I’m not sure what it the right thing to do.

The hardest part is to just “Let It Be.  (The Beatles) Also, if you haven’t seen Yesterday- the movie out this year- go see it- it’s pretty good.  (-:

Love & Light!

Cheryl Doreen

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