Dorothy’s Dementia

There is nothing wrong with Dorothy’s phone.   She has not asked me about her phone since I picked it up.  Maybe it was time for her to “let it go”- or maybe she doesn’t even remember she had one.   It doesn’t matter- 

She still calls me every evening- but, it’s not at 6:15- it’s closer to 7:30.   And she doesn’t sing her entire song- only a few verses then she hangs up -and she only calls once.   She always says, “Thank you for helping me- Cheryl”.  She almost never says goodbye.   

I’m happy and sad about this stage in the game.  Selfishly I’m happy that she will not be calling me several times a night- or at random times -singing her sad song.   (Elton John- Sad Songs Say So Much- excellent song) But at the same time I’m sad that she won’t be calling me several times a night- or at random times – singing her sad song.   

She told us this would happen.   Everything she told us that would happen to her in this journey of Dementia has happened.   I hate that she is going through this-  But, I’m pretty sure that she is just a normal a teenager all day long- playing, laughing, telling stories and taking bus trips with her friends-  complaining about her children who “just left her there and haven’t been back” and at night she gets homesick for a few hours and doesn’t know what to do.   

 She goes to sleep and wakes up to a new day every day- she repeats the process and “life is good!”

Love and Light!


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