Dorothy’s Dementia

Dorothy called me last Monday to tell me her phone was messed up.   She was talking to me on it and she didn’t realize it.   We had a good laugh.  LOLOLOL      sigh!      She called several hours later from the “house phone” in the lobby at the Assisted Living.    She said she was having problems with her phone. I told her I would be there as soon as possible to see what the issue was.    She called the next two nights from the “house phone” singing the same song. But, she only called me once- not multiple times.    I wondered why-her phone seemed to ok a few days earlier.

A few days later on a Thursday afternoon I stopped by to check out her phone issue.   When I pulled up – she was on the “activity” bus and waiting to go to the Pumpkin Patch.  She got off the bus and met me and I actually felt like she was “questioneing” me as to what I was doing there. When I explained to her why – she happily gave me her phone.  She then hurried back on the bus. 

 While I know that she is engaged all day with her friends and fun activities- it’s so much fun to see her actually doing it.  (0:

As I stood there watching this all unfold I thought how funny it is- I can remember when I was a kid- old enough to hang with my friends and go on the bus for a field trip- my mom took me and dropped me off- I wanted her to leave as soon as possible so I could hang with my friends.

Funny how life is – if you live long enough- it comes arond full circle.  

Love and Light,

Cheryl Doreen

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