Dorothy & Chuck

Last Friday I took both mom and her friend Chuck out for a few hours- he asked me to help him get this glasses fixed.   Chuck is in poor health- but he still has most of his memory.   He helps mom out and she helps him – it’s a perfect friendship.  

When I walked in to get mom- I knocked on Chuck’s door on the way by to give him a 10-minute warning.  He was ready and excited.    Mom and I did her regular routine- gathering dirty clothes and changing the bed. When we walked to Chucks room- mom started pouting- she did not want to share her day with me.

I’m telling you it is truly like having little kids.   Dorothy pouting- Chuck excited that he gets to “get out” of the “place”. 

Chuck has a walker and an oxygen tank that we have to figure out how to maneuver- it’s on wheels and has to be pushed alongside of him.  Dorothy steps up and takes care of the oxygen tank (I’m assuming all her years of care giving are still in tack (-; ) .    We get in and out of the car with no issues and get Chuck to the optical store.  He settles in and mom and I take off and do some shopping.  

We are not even 25 feet from Chuck when she looks at me and says, “I don’t like it that Chuck is here- be careful Cheryl, he will take advantage of you”.   I reassure her that no one will take advantage of me unless I let them.  (-:      We continue on getting our goodies and check out.  Chuck is not yet finished in – so I tell mom let’s go in and sit with Chuck and wait for him to get finished- She looks at me like I’m crazy –( you know the look if you had /have kids and you ask them to sit beside each other) and matter of factly states that she is NOT going to sit with Chuck.  She chooses to sit on a bench just outside the doorway.   

I just let her- I can see her (you never know when she will wonder off) – and I hang with Chuck to make sure he does not need any assistance finishing up his mission.    The lady helping him is bright and cheery and its good to see a genuine smile on Chuck. 

I help him maneuver out of the chair and back to his walker – I call mom over to see if she wants to help with the oxygen.  She surprisingly says yes!

We head out of the store me leading the way- I turn at one point to see if they are ok- and the saddest faces are on both of them.   

It breaks my heart.

To be continued………

Love & Light,

Cheryl Doreen

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