Dorothy and Chuck continued

Dorothy and Chuck’s outing continued……….

  We make it safe to the car with no drama- and settled inside.  Mom and Chuck both comment on the “pretty red trees”- you know the ones in most of the larger parking lots- they are usually the prettiest when it’s Fall.

In that moment I thought it would be a great idea to take them for a drive.  They were up for it- and as Chuck settled in the back seat and mom still pouting in the front seat, we took headed north.    Before we got on the main road leading to the mountains- I asked if anyone wanted to stop and get something to drink.   Chuck spoke up and said that a cup of coffee would be great (-:   Mom said firmly no.  Oh my!

So- we stopped at McDonalds and got Chuck a cup of coffee-  since he was in the back seat and “tangled” up with his coat on and his oxygen wire- I asked the lady to take the coffee back- pour some out and put a little ice in it.   I did not want to have second degree burns on Chucks lap.  (0:   He thanked me for doing this- as he was able to drink the coffee right away and not wait 10 minutes to take a drink.   

We headed up North on 575- if you’ve never been- it’s pretty close to 75 North headed out of Chattanooga- the wide-open spaces for all the trees to grow and the non-concrete structures for the sky to shine through is a beautiful site.  

I ask a few general questions which Chuck answers – but mom does not- and then it falls silent for a time.  I turn my focus on mom and ask her about her grandmother- what her name was, what she liked about her, etc.   She softened and opened up and chatted for a while.    When I looked back at Chuck, he was taking a nap.  (0:    I continued on with a one on one with mom.  It was actually quite pleasant.  She did not sing her song once.   She does not sing her song to anyone but me and of course Paul.     When mom started to get sleepy I decided it was time to turn around.    I guess car rides will put little kids and old folks to sleep. (-:

So, I asked now the restaurant “Folks” sounded for lunch- they both spoke up and came back to life.   We headed back to civilization.

To be continued……….

Love & Light,

Cheryl Doreen

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