Dorothy and Chuck

As we drove in silence for a while, I reflected on what their lives must be like- I’m sure they are not sad all the time- I hope not anyway.    Not once during the entire drive did mom utter a lyric to her song.  It was actually very nice- I used to drive her up to see the leaves every year – she never had a song back then- and I’m not sure if it had been just us two – if I’d of enjoyed the ride- she would have been singing the entire time. 

We made it to Folks and were seated at a table without a problem.   Chuck knew exactly what he wanted for lunch- Dorothy- she kept looking for the hamburgers on the menu- every time I showed her where they were after a few minutes – she would forget, and we had to do the same thing several times.  When the waiter came- mom remembered what she wanted- as did Chuck (for the record, I did too).

Eating with little kids and older folks takes just about the same amount of time.  You just have to sit back and relax, don’t rush, don’t scold, just relax- it’s only food.  (-:

I was happy to pay the bill and when the waiter brought back the change- he looked at Chuck and said Thank You.    Chuck looked at him then at me and said- “why do they do that?  Just assume the man paid”.   LOLOL     It’s was pretty funny and I’m sure the waiter heard.

Our total outing was 3 hours and 15 minutes- long enough for everyone.   Chuck was happy- Dorothy was happy-and I was happy.    They were proud to walk back into the “place” together and look happy that they had just escaped the dungeon for a little while.

I’m pretty sure I will take Chuck again- or another one-off moms’ friends.  She doesn’t sing- and it was very pleasant- It’s like old times with her – when she doesn’t sing.

Love & Light,

Cheryl Doreen

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