Thanksgiving with Dorothy 2019

Hello! It was a quiet and relaxing Thanksgiving for Dorothy this year. It was Paul, mom and me. It was a good day- no, a great day. As we were living it- I wondered if this would be the last Thanksgiving mom would remember or even be with us. She seemed to better this year- just three of us – than she did last year with 12 of us.  We had a nice quiet lunch with all the fixings- I cleaned up the mess- Mom sat on the couch with Paul and watched Andy Griffin- nothing like Opie and Barney.  I went out on the deck and started a fire and we all bundled up and went outside and enjoyed the afternoon sun and breeze.  I made mom some hot chocolate and she was in hog heaven.  She loves it outside and there is nothing better than hot chocolate with cool whip. (0:  She was a happy woman.  She tried to sing her song, but we steered here on to something else pretty quickly.    I soaked it up and it is burned in my memory banks for future Thanksgivings. 


 I just want to point out that if your loved one is “cooped” up most of the time in a home- and not around a bunch of people – and you go get them and bring them to the “family affair” – remember that the activity, noise and commotion is probably overwhelming for them.  Most of us live the activity, noise and commotion every day and have learned to tune it out. We also are living life in the fast lane- the “old folks” are protected in a bubble of a calm, “nothing to do”, relaxed atmosphere.  So, when we pull them into the “family” unit it could be overwhelming for them.  They will be confused, agitated, exhausted and they may be looking for an exit.  

They might even just ask to go take a nap- just to get out of the zoo like atmosphere. It might be a good idea to find them a quiet room or corner- but still in the “action” somewhat- so one by one they can have “visitors”- babies crying and toddlers running around are a little much. But one on one they can adjust. 

 They might be just fine if they have a “job” they are responsible for.  Like washing the dishes- help set the table- fold the napkins- give them a job you would give a 9 or 10-year-old.  Everyone – especially women need to feel like they are still contributing to the festivities.  After all- at one time the juggled it all by themselves- for years.   

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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