Holiday Season Begins

It’s the holiday season, so there are a ton of folks in and out of the facility.   Some come by to visit – but, most are the church groups, girl/boy scouts, preschoolers, high school choirs, etc.  It’s a nice four week run, then the place will shut down again, or get back to “normal -“whichever way you want to look at it.

January and February are cold, dark and lonely months, especially for “old folks” who can’t get out and get any fresh air.    So, remember while you are visiting them this month put on your calendar a day a week to go and visit them in the dead of winter.   It will brighten their day and if you can get them outside to feel the cold fresh air on their faces.   It just might stir up some happy, fun memories of their youth- playing outside in winter – especially when they were growing up- could just be some of their happiest memories.

It snows here in Georgia every few years- I hope it snows this year, so I can get mom outside and let her put the head on the snowman and dress him up.  (-:     

Love and Light!

Cheryl Doreen

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