Christmas Tree Decorating

It was a Friday a few weeks before Christmas and I brought mom over to the house- it was a wet, rainy, and very cold day.  What to do today, I thought?  What better activity is there than decorating the Tree?  I carried the boxes of ornaments up the stairs and pulled them out of the box and handed them to mom- one at a time. I watched as she intently looked at the tree and picked the perfect branch to put each ornament on.  She did not get in a hurry and neither did I. She dropped a few- slipped right through her fingers and she didn’t seem to mind.  I cringed and stopped handing her the ones that were antiques- the ones that hung on the tree when I was little. I just kept them stored safely in the box- somethings just can’t be replaced.

When we were out of ornaments- she stepped back and smiled in delight and was really pleased with herself- she actually did a great job.  It’s another memory she will not remember- but one that I cherish.

Do you remember the last time you let a little child decorate the tree-all by themselves? And not do any rearranging?   If you remember – then you know that they are totally focused on their chest area and up- to the tallest part of the tree that their little hands can reach.    Well, that is how mom decorated the tree- LOL.   I did have to laugh with a few friends I told this story too -and they agreed with me- that it is perfect just the way it is.

Some works of art just need to be left alone.

We cleaned up the tubs and made lunch. When she sat down to eat, she said Cheryl your tree looks great! You did a great job decorating it. I just smiled and said ” Thanks MOM”!

Merry Christmas!

Peace, Hope, Joy and Love!

Cheryl Doreen

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