Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies!

   Last Friday I got Dorothy and did not want to get her out in the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season, so- I thought we could make cookies.   I figured she would be able to measure out the ingredients without a problem.  Wrong!   She struggled to count out 2 cups of sugar.  I did not make a big deal out of it- why would I?  It’s ok.   So, I went into grandma mode and I responded just like I would to one of my grandsons.  When I’m in this mode with mom I try not let her know I’m treating her like a “little kid”. Sometimes I’m successful and sometimes I’m not- this day I was successful.  Too bad no one was around to videotape it- we could have recorded our first “Cooking with Dementia” video.   I had all the soup bowls out on the counter and the kitchen looked just like a cooking set.

Dorothy was precise and focused -in the moment- while filling the measuring cups to full- then confused- she would ask what she needed to do next.  I was a patient instructor recalling the times in the past when we would make fudge or jelly together.  I must admit, there were a few tears rolling down my cheek- as they are now as I write this.

 It’s interesting how a lived life comes back around- and it’s a good thing that they do- now I have memories of the circle- mom teaching me, us doing it together and me helping her.  

 I finished making the cookies and mom “cleaned up” the mess.  LOL, she did this like a little one would do – not quite clean dishes. LOL   

After the cookies were made, I made us some lunch.  I asked mom if she wanted a cookie for dessert and she said yes, after taking a bite she said to me “These are really good Cheryl, did you make them?”   Sigh. !!!…….  I smiled at her and told her that I did.   

It’s a shame that dementia takes our loved ones to a place we cannot understand.  It sucks!   But, I’m glad I’m able to walk with mom through this journey of hers.  I pray it will be a short walk for her.

Enjoy the cookies in life!

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

2 thoughts on “Christmas Cookies

  1. Cheryl sorry for the situation and on the bright side she is able to be up and around. Clean up and walk and some other things. You are what she needs to get her through the moments and you are doing a a fantastic job. Glad you have gotten to where you are with life. I love my friend. Betty

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