Birthday # 83 in the books

What a wonderful Birthday Weekend Dorothy had.  She is totally worn out!  I hope she slept like a princess last night.  

Lunch was at a delicious Italian Restaurant and everyone was happy to be there, the atmosphere was very refreshing!   Mom had no idea what she wanted so she and I split a Chicken Parmesan- it was delish.  We had bread and salad and Chocolate Cake for dessert.  It was perfect.   

Her great-grandsons sat beside her and engaged in conversation with her.   The oldest grandson looked at me after she answered a question- and he asked me if that was correct.   LOL- they are both aware that she does not remember- but they don’t quite realize how she can remember years ago and not 2 minutes ago. I told him that yes, it was correct.

We hung out about an hour and a half – on the way home mom talked about “the home” and how she ended up there- she told the story again of how two boys broke into her home and how one of them held her down on the floor as the other one poured something down her throat.   She does not remember what clothes they had on- but, she remembers the were 11 or 12 with dark hair and very mean looking.    My brother and I just look at each other in wonder- where does this story come from?   Did it happen sometime in her past when she was a little girl? Did it happen on one of those CSI shows? Did she dream about it?  Did she read it in a story and could somehow relate?  We will never know.  We just listen and ask a few questions- we never tell her it didn’t happen.  Why would we?   It’s her story.

I asked her if the police had caught them- and she said she wasn’t sure – but she hoped so – so that they could not do that to anyone else.

As I said, she was worn out when we dropped her off around 4:30 – but, by 6:15 my phone was ringing, and she was asking me when I was going to come and see her. 

  I told her I’d be there to get her on Friday.

Love and Light!

Cheryl Doreen

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