Puzzles and Coloring

On occasion when I go to get mom I walk in on her coloring or putting a puzzle together.   Sometimes she will do these in the library- they have slightly larger tables there- but mostly she does them in her room.  We bought her a 3’ long 2’ foot wide table that sit perfectly under her window.  Most of the puzzles that are in the library are 300 count- these are too many pieces for her to do on her table.  So, I’m on a mission to find her 200 count- this size is perfect and not so overwhelming.  Although time is skewed for her, she still likes to have that feeling of accomplishment. And- if the puzzle sits unfinished on the table for too long it’s frustrating to her.

Coloring books aren’t what they used to be.  It’s hard to find a coloring book that are “simple” you might remember them- the ones with a princess on one page the prince on the other and a frog and a wicked witch in between.  Or one full of animals – or one based on Micky Mouse and his friends.    These are the coloring books that Dorothy likes.  They are easy to complete she can finish a page in one sitting- for instant satisfaction.

 She says that the new fancy coloring books are not any good- the ones that take several days or even a week to finish are too “hard” there is too much going on and the end is never in site. 

So, I often look at the dollar store for the good old fashion coloring books and sometimes I’m successful. The 200 or less piece puzzles are pretty easy to find.    It’s true- if we live long enough- we really do circle back to simplicity.  (-:

Love and Light,

Cheryl Doreen

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