Perfect Fit

Perfect fit!   Ladies, what is the FIRST thing you think of when you hear the words perfect fit?  For me- it’s bra.  Yes, if the bra is uncomfortable it is going to be a miserable day.  When they fit perfect- happiness encompasses your entire body and being. (-:    For a perfect outside look it really does matter – as to what is within- and this includes undergarments.   

Dorothy probably hadn’t had been fitted for a new bra in two decades.  As we age our bodies- as you know- take on a mind of its own.   We stretch out like gumby in some places and in others we just flatten out like a pancake or blow up like a balloon.   So, it’s important to get a tune up and tire change every 10,000,00 miles  (-:    

I couldn’t stand it anymore; mom was looking like a six pack- but not in the right area.   So, I took her shopping for a new bra.  I can tell you that it was an adventure. As soon as I put in my mind back in time -to the first time she took me to be fitted- I was able to enjoy the experience.   Mom was a big fan of the 1970’s “pointers”- they are nice – they do lift and separate and mold you to the perfect Gabor look- they just don’t make them in every cup size.   This was the problem she was having – she was overflowing- so, I took it upon myself to go big or stay at home.  LOL

To me the best bra on the market- is also one of the most expensive one- the Wacoal- but we are worth it!  This company must be run by women- because they “get it”.     Like the perfect pair of jeans- we have to try on several sizes and styles to find the perfect fit.  The bra is the same way- it takes time, and several trys to find the perfect fit.  With the Wacoal brand they go all the way up to a cup size “H”.   Most brands only go up to a DDD- so you are limited in what you can “squeeze” yourself into- if you were blessed or burdened (depending on how you look at it) with the big girls.

I had mom try on several styles, sizes and cups- of the Wacoal and when she finally said “this one feels really good” I took the tag off of it- and told her she could wear it home.    

We took the tag and looked for a few others in that style and size and I purchased them for her.   When I gave the lady the tag and told her mom was wearing one home- she just looked at me and smiled.   I’m sure she didn’t know what to think- or maybe that happens all the time. 

I will say that the next time I saw mom- she was wondering where all of her bras were- I had taken them all out and only left the new ones.    She told me that she didn’t like it that her boobs didn’t stick straight out.  Lolololol   After I stopped laughing,  I told her that her old bras were not fitting her, that she looked like she had six instead of 2 and that we had gone shopping for new ones the week prior. I asked her if the one she had on was comfortable- she said yes- and we haven’t spoken of it since.

Take the time, you are worth it!  Go find the perfect bra (-:  and if you have someone who needs your help – who is long overdue in getting the perfect fit, help them out.  They will appreciate it.

Love and Light,

Cheryl Doreen

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