Who’s your mom?

This is another posting that for some reason did not get posted- human error. (-: Mom and I had been out on our Friday Follies -” Fun Day” and we got back in time for the live entertainment. We sat and listened to the singer “crucify” Patsy Cline – I will say she did give it everything she had- it just wasn’t very good. And I appreciate those who give their talent and time to the shut in’s around the globe and the residence love the people who take the time to come and entertain them. After the show a daughter and I are visiting with each other – just general conversation- I asked her “which mom is yours”. As soon as I asked this question I went back in time- back to when I would take my kids to new events/ practices. If we were new and especially on the first outing- the moms would visit with each other. Not long into a conversation one of of the moms would ask ” which one is yours?” And as soon as each mom pointed to theirs- you could see the resemblance between mother and child and also the pride in the moms face as she pointed out her child. I was brought back to the now- by the daughter pointing out her mom to me- I could instantly see the resemblance. And I wondered how much the mom looked like the daughter 20-25 years ago- and how she would look in 20-25 years from now. I pointed out my mom and we both had that same since of pride of showing off our moms. I had a tinge of sadness – for the future- and for the end -that is bound to come. A tip- I strongly believe if you treat your demented loved one like your child – back in the day when you were asked “which child is yours”- I think you will be reminded of the pride you possess in who your loved one was – who they are now and how much you love and admire what they have accomplished in their life- when the were living it fully. If you think about it- they have seen many changes, survived much and certainly given you all that they could give. Don’t look at them now as if this is all there was of their life- that would be an injustice. Some of you no longer have you moms or dads or both- with you on this earth- just remember you were and still are proud to point them out – in old photos- stories you share with family, etc. and i’m sure you and everyone else can see the resemblance. Love and Light! Cheryl Doreen

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