Every other Friday

The full moon aggravates those with sundowners and the demented disease and it was a tough one for mom this month. Dorothy started calling me around noon on the 4th – several times a day and on into the evening.   She was totally confused and sang her song about the Easter eggs that fell out of her basket, the boys who tried to poison her and the fact that no one has been to see her since she’s been in there. She stopped calling during the day and evening on the 9th.  That’s a long time to be extra anxious.

If I was a stranger, I would believe every word she says.  To her all her stories really happened – just like she is telling it.   But I know better- because I’ve been on this journey with her since the beginning.  I would say that the Corona 19 virus shut down doesn’t have any effect on her one way or the other.   I believe this because they are still letting them go out the front door for walks and allowing them to sit in the sunshine.   Dorothy is a walker, always has been- so, I know that she is getting her fresh air, vitamin D, listening to the birds and enjoying the warmth of the sun- all while taking in all the colors of spring.    

I’ve always been there for her and I know that she doesn’t remember if from moment to moment.  So, during these last few weeks of shutdown- I don’t have to feel bad when she calls and sings her song- that no one ever comes to see her.  She is right- no one is coming to see her until this crisis is over.   And maybe beyond.  

I’m not sure how I am going to reenter human contact with her.  No one at her facility has contacted the virus and everyone is safe.  But when this shutdown is lifted, and the gates are reopened- the influx of people will be everywhere along with this virus. I believe that the second wave will come, and it could be worse than first.    This is a decision that I am sitting on for now and it will be interesting on which way I decide.

As for now- I will continue to take her a card and flowers every other Friday.   And I know that in the moment she receives these she will smile and say out loud- what a good girl I am.  One minute later she will say “who sent me flowers”?   Where did this card come from?  And it’s ok- it’s just dementia.

Love and Light!

Cheryl Doreen

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