Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

   This is the first Mother’s Day in a long, long time I have not shared it with my mom, Dorothy.

There were times- decades ago that we lived in different states and we were unable to be together- due to the long miles that separated us.  But, for the last 35 + years we have always been together – even if just for a few hours to celebrate each other and Mother’s Day.

Usually we celebrated with flowers, cards, going for a walk or a hike or going out to eat- or just sitting around visiting. This year I get a touch of what it will be like when she’s gone, and we won’t be celebrating together anymore. It’s interesting the emotions that I am feeling.  Sad, lonely, empty- I am wishing I could hug her- look in her eyes and tell her that I love her.  

Thanks mom, thanks for being the mom that you needed to be for me my entire life.  You always knew what to say, what not to say, when to get involved in my life and when to sit back ready to catch me when I fell.  Thanks for taking such good care of me when I was a little girl, with a fever, or a cut or hurt feelings.  Thanks for the advice -that at the time you were giving it I didn’t quite understand it- but later on I would know exactly what you were talking about.  Thanks for helping me become the woman and mom I am today.

Thank you for being a beautiful, strong, supportive mom.  I don’t know what I’ll do without you – but actually I do.  I’ll ask myself what would mom- (Dorothy) do? What words of wisdom or wise advice would she give me in this circumstance? I know that I will be able to handle everything that comes my way- because of the love, guidance and pure faith that you have given me my entire life.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom

Love, Cheryl Doreen

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