Candy Canes in the Clouds

 I visited Dorothy several times last week while still doing the social distancing sitting on the front porch.   One day when I was there it was a beautiful day- from the spot that we sit and visit- you can look straight out and up into the sky – and you can see for miles- this day there were perfect Cumulus Clouds- with a gorgeous blue-sky background to make them really pop.  What a view!

Cloud watching is one of my things to do- and mom has always enjoyed looking at them too. It’s fun to see what shapes, sizes and animals you can visualize out of them- not to mention the total relaxation and calm that it brings to your soul to” just be”.

 Out of nowhere she blurted out that they all looked like candy canes.  I did not see any other colors other than blue and white and none that looked like candy canes.  She pointed out the clouds that she said looked like candy canes and I just didn’t see it- but I didn’t say that- I just said “oh, now I see it”.  She was happy that I was able to see what she saw, after a while she started in on all her woes – when I can go home, they don’t anything for me here, I don’t need to be here, etc.  Paul had no right to do this to me.  How long have I been here? What is wrong with me?   I pointed out a cloud and diverted her attention away from her song. This back and forth went on for quite some time.  (-:

After a while and they called her in for lunch.   I went on my merry way and she called 6 times throughout the rest of the day and 4 times when sundowners hit. She had to sing her song.

Just listen- is all I can do. 

Again, old folks deserve to have someone to help them along when they can’t be or do what they used to do.  They are still the same light and soul- just at a slower, weaker pace.  Keep on sharing with them and make more memories with them- cause we all know -when our time is up on this earth it’s up- you don’t get one more second.

Love & Light,

 Cheryl Doreen

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