I went to see Dorothy this morning and she seemed to be doing pretty good.  When I called them to tell them I was there- they told me that she was walking the halls with her friend Jean.  I told them that Jean could come out too- if she wanted.  Shortly afterwards- they both came out- in full masks and eyes bright!   (-:   It was good to see two friends together and smiling- (even if I couldn’t see their smiles- just the brightness of their eyes).         As soon as they sat down, I told them they could take their facemasks off- since they were outside, and they needed to breathe in the fresh air.  They were happy to take them right off.  Shortly afterwards two other friends joined them- it was interesting they did not have facemasks on.  Wonder why?  The four of them sat relaxed and calm visiting with each other.  I would not say content- because of where they are- but they seemed satisfied.   Today seemed to be a good day for all of them.  

Sally asked me how my prom was.   I had to ask her to repeat the question because I wasn’t sure if I heard her right.  I did hear her right.  I went back to spring 1974 and the big day. I went with a friend, as I was not dating anyone at the time- George was his name- and he was the perfect gentleman.  I described my dress, shoes and hair to them.  And finished up with what a wonderful evening it was.  

I asked Sally if she remembered her Prom- and she did and was very happy to share.   Everyone answered the question with that far forgotten day on their faces and they shared all the details to a tee their faces brightened at the memory of their youth.   When it was moms turn to answer- she said she didn’t think she went to the prom.  I know that she did not and that it never bothered her – or at least that is what she always told me.   

We sat and talked of this and that for a while and all at once they were done talking and everyone was ready to go back in.   I asked mom if she wanted to stay and visit and she told me that she did not – she was tired and ready to go back in.  

We all had a big air hug and I watched them all walk back into the building.   Back into the place no one from the outside can go into anymore.  

I will be on the phone tomorrow afternoon- I have not gotten a call from the nurse about any new meds- I left a message last Wednesday.  I have not gotten any emails of communication from the facility. Maybe there is none- but I’m going to ask anyway.   

I am not going to let this go.  And I am not going to be so difficult that they throw mom out- with a standard reason “we can no longer give her the care she wants”.  But I do want answers and I do want resolution and I do want to see some of the things I want implemented into the system.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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