A change. Praying for the good.

It’s been a long time- sorry!  I’ve had to wrap my head around a decision my brother and I made about Dorothy, while we both agree it is the correct one —it’s still hard to endure.

With the unwillingness of the facility mom was at- and to move mom back to Assisted Living after continued requests and conversations.  Paul and I decided to check into moving mom the first of October to a new facility. So, I made a few calls to see what the “rules” were now adays for moving someone into a facility.   After the third call a familure voice answered the phone- Stephanie!  Yay!  She was over the facility where mom was before the “walls come tumbling down” on mom.   I was so happy to talk to her and find out that two of moms’ nurses were also working there.   It was a God Wink!  We had to get mom reevaluated by them -and she was welcomed into Assisted Living without any issues.

First, we had to get her a Covid test, wait for the results and move her within seven days of those results.  The day before her move they called me from the new facility to tell me that a nurse had tested positive for Covid and that the facility was on lock down. Meaning that everyone had to stay in their rooms.  They were checking with upper management to see if they could still take new patients.  The next morning, they contacted us at 11:30 am and told us that we could move mom in.  Yay!   By noon my brother and I were starting to move her belongings out of her old place into the trucks. Both facilities were allowing only two people in -so Paul and I moved her ourselves.  While moving mom, I did some purging, she was not sure what to do with things, so they just piled up- I don’t understand why housekeeping didn’t do a better job of keeping her room managed.  I was annoyed, and in disbelief of the condition her bathroom was in- but for some reason I did not stop to get my phone out of the truck and take photos. 

This was a confusing time for mom- she would come in and help or ask questions with me and Paul- or she would go out wondering the halls talking to the nursed which none of them talked to Paul or me.  She was sad to leave – I’m sure those were her friends- and as it was her home.

By 2’oclock we were at the new facility moving her in.  While it was on lockdown no one was there to take mom out in the common area and no one to keep mom away or keep her occupied while we moved her in. So, I gave her “jobs”  to help us.   Sometimes she could stay focused and sometimes she could not.  At 4:30 we were informed that we had to be out by 5- I was like, no way, we either need to come back tomorrow for a few hours or stay late tonight- there was no way I was leaving without having moms place totally set up- with picture hung and few minutes to just sit down with her to relax.  They gave us until 6 and with the help of the Angels we were able to pull it off.

Even though mom would have to be on lockdown for 7 days- both Paul and I knew we did the right thing for her by moving her back into Assisted Living – with a spacious bedroom with two big open windows looking over the courtyard with a beautiful view of the sky, clouds, trees, birds and animals.  

A kitchenette and living room – big enough for her to relax in read or even do a puzzle if she chooses.  Everyone was exhausted and we all slept like babies that night.  

Dorothy will be alright,

Peace and Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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