My sister is not the boss of me

I don’t want to be here   I want to be in Granny’s house.  There are things there I want some vases and glass plates like things.  Deloris will sell them… also, I’m in assisted living Deloris put me in assisted living   we are going to have to do something about that.  I won’t be able to handle this much longer.   Well, you can call Deloris and tell her she’s not the boss of me you are- and I’m going to — I don’t know where she’s getting the money to pay for this.  I’m not ready to be here. I’ve had too much sadness and too much bulling to sit here and be sane.


10 minutes later

Hello Cheryl   I just wanted to talk to you and tell you what Deloris is doing- she’s acting like God she sent me a letter that I get $5.00 and she gets the rest of Granny’s money.  She thinks that’s fair.  I thought that everyone had to be at the estate at the same time for the money to be shared.  The house was in Granny and Pappy’s name.  Deloris has taken all the stuff and there’s uncle Bruce and Uncle Kelly- doesn’t she realize that she’s not the only person.  It does not do any good for me to say anything to her- she jumps on me right away.  I guess it’s not my problem.  It just doesn’t seem right- well I guess people who do those things get paid at a later date.  I just need to set it aside and let it go.  I did what I could for 

I did I walked, and I like it here.  Do you know where I am? Why am I here, why can’t I be in a regular apartment?  You know an apartment complex for elderly people you know assisted living?  Why am I here- there’s places that have like 50 people that they help.   Delores didn’t do this?  Who did this?  Mom, we had a family meeting a few years ago and you said it was time for you to go into an assisted living.   I wouldn’t have said that- I wouldn’t have done it. Because I’m not ready for it yet I’m still able to take care of myself and do everything for myself.  Make my bed, keep my room clean- wash myself and brush my teeth and I can pick out my own clothes.  Why do I have to pay someone to live here? Somebody else is paying the bills.  I don’t want Deloris to do anything for me- she gets everything all mixed up.   I don’t want her in my banking account she’ll take my money.   I saw her one day this past week.  She was at Granny’s sorting out what she wanted and taking it- I just walked away.  She was bossing me about this and that- there was a couple things granny had that I’d like to have-but I decided it wasn’t worth it- I just walked away.  I’m surprised I haven’t seen Aunt Grace – I don’t remember seeing her-  I have seen somebody I used to work with – I think dad came back to earth already- have you talked to him?  I think he’s back here- in my heart I feel that.  Deloris is not in charge of me.  You know that? Yes, mom I know that.   She may think she is but she’s not- did she put me in this place?  I do not want to live with her.  I was thinking about this this morning- I was upset with myself that I did not go get some of the things that Granny had- but then I thought to myself it was not worth it- she likes to fight and I decided I wasn’t going to argue with her.  I’m sure all the good crystal glasses are gone- she had some she had gotten from her sisters for Christmas- they were quite talented in there glass making- it’s sad really sad to me the way people act when people die- fighting over there stuff acting like they were the only ones who ever did anything for them.. I hope she doesn’t do that when I die- you’ll kick her out won’t you?  I just don’t pay any  attention to her.   Her and Uncle Kelly are really thick- they were sowing seed and he gave her -her own area and showed her how to do it- it was really sad – Uncle Kelly will find it out.  I guess Uncle Kelly came and got some things he wanted.  Did Uncle Bruce come to the funeral?  I might not have known about it- I was still in the home- I’m so glad you got me out of the home.  I can feel real again. I don’t know what I’m gonna do – I don’t’ know what I’m capable of doing at this time in my life.  Did you ever find out who was paying for the place that Deloris put me in?  She probably used Granny’s money-   Did Jessica graduate this year?   Where is she going to College?  She graduated from UGA  Good for her!  I wish I had some money to give her but I don’t I ‘ll have to see how much money Deloris left me and I’ll share it with Jessica.   I am going to put my foot down and tell Deloris that she is not the only one who loved granny and pappy- there was all our uncles and their families, me and all the neighbors.   Deloris just wants drama and I’m not gonna give it to her. It’s just strange isn’t it.  Now, I’m down here in the kitchen now- have you been here to see the kitchen?  I should be glad I have a big kitchen- I bet Deloris is paying for me to be here.   I don’t want to be kicked out.  You should be allowed to do what you can for yourself for as long as you can – it makes you feel better.  I walk everyday- and nobody can bother me here there is always somebody watching.  Deloris can’t come in and be nasty and ugly- she’ll get thrown out.  When she leaves I want to get out of here and go into an assisted living or a small apartment-  but assisted living have more people  that’s probably what I’ll do  I don’t’ think I’ll have many more years to be here- if I make it to 103 I’ll live as many years a granny- I don’t know how old I am now- it think I’m 140 now- I’m not real sure- but I think .  now did pappy die too.  Yes mom- Pappy died. When did he die?  A few years ago.            I think we went to his funeral–  how many people were at granny’s  ?  it doesn’t matter- I’m sure all of uncle Kelly’s family was all there and Deloris was there and that’s all that counts lolol   anyway how long do you think I’ll have to be here- maybe a month- then I can get an apartment.  – I wish Deloris would go back to Ohio and just stay there- she just agitates me- I should just ignore her.  I don’t know. You never know how long life’s gonna last.   Hows the boys? They are good, sweet, smart boys, growing big and tall.  What are they doing now?  Playing ball, going to school, having fun with friends.  Good for them.  Jessica is keeping them on the line I bet.  Did she buy another house?   No. I thought she was going to buy another house.  Well, what you are you doing?  Working and hanging out with friends  How long have I been here in this place?  Who put me here?  Deloris?  Must have been I knew it was her—- Jessica wouldn’t do it – she is my baby girl – is Jessica doing good?   Well, I’m run out of things to say.  How’s Eric doing?  he got a job it looks to me that he would be really good at a grocery store carry out boy- he likes to talk and I think they pay about $1.50 an hour- that should be plenty for him .  What you gonna do tomorrow?  What day is it?   How many days have I been here in this place?  I don’t’ quite remember?  Well –I’ll talk to you later Cheryl, thanks for listening.  Click

Sometimes you don’t have to say anything- you just have to listen.   Listening is the easy part- its when she wants answers and she doesn’t like the answers is when it’s tough.    I wonder what happened between her and her sister, Deloris- for her to be so “afraid” of her.  We never saw Deloris much when we were growing up- maybe once a year or every couple years.   Mom told me once that dad dated Deloris first- but didn’t like her- then he asked mom out.  Maybe that is the reason for the drift—- ????  Who knows- I’m looking forward to a new verse- I wonder where she will take me next-  I’m sure she will be on this memory for a time.

Just do what you can- and be okay with it.  

Love and Light!

Cheryl Doreen


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