Live and Learn

Dorothy is feeling better- she had a rough end of week/weekend with cold sores. After mom gets sick- she ends her sickness with cold sores.  I made sure that she had Vaseline and other over the counter medication for cold sores when she was moved into memory care- just in case.  The end of last week, I got the call that she had them and that she started complaining of her lips hurting.  I let them know that mom had over the counter medicine in her room.  They informed me that they are not allowed- per state law- to administer any medications without a doctor’s directive.  I was like- really- it’s over the counter meds- they refused.   Which I totally understand – they could lose their license.  I get it- but I don’t get it- really! It’s over the counter meds for an obvious need. Oh my! When knew?  I did not.  What else do I do not know.

 Oh My- so in short -mom had to suffer for a few days until I could get in touch with the doctor – because they were shut down for the holiday weekend and they offer no emergency assistance (after leaving two messages and calling back to talk to someone in person – frustrated) when the doctor finally calls -late in the day- they told me they did a face-time with Dorothy and saw the sores and informed me they were really bad, (I can’t imagine the pain she must be in- I hurt for her!)  and she was going to call in an antibiotic.   I feel really bad that I did not know I needed a doctor’s directive for everything —-yes, everything that she needs.  So, I went to the drugstore and loaded up on everyday things, you need every once in a while.  I listed them by name, why she would need them and directed them to the directions on the product for administering.  I will send this to the doctor for them to write a directive on all of this. 

 The list is as follows- let me know if forgot anything. Bayer Back & Body for when she has lower back pain, Band-Aids & Neosporin in case of a cut or scrape, Benadryl cream for an itch, Carmex and Vaseline more- just in case, Phazyme Maximum Strength- even old people get gas, Ricola Sour Throat Drops, Visine Eye Drops, Pepto Bismol- you never know, Walgreens cold & Flu day and night, ZZZZ Quil NyQuil- you never know when you need help getting to sleep. She already has a directive for Tylenol (-:   

I did get a returned call from the facility while writing this- the good news is I am not missing any other information.  So, I feel good about that. She informed me to add flushable to the items I bring her. Remember there are no dumb questions.  (-:   

Also, we are in the process of getting mom transferred over to one of the doctors who are on call at the facility.   They offer after hours and emergency service.   (-:    I am learning so much!

Love and Light!

Cheryl Doreen

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