Calm —- short recap

Dorothy and her facility are still on lockdown- so, there is no chance for a visit until next Thursday.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  I know she is in good hands and I know she is happy if she’s “in charge”.  And they are giving her “jobs” to help with.  Helping is one of her gifts.   Those of you who know me, now know where I get both these from. (-:

Just a recap of what to look for and do if you are experiencing a loved one with dementia and it’s time for them to get help that you cannot offer.  Only 10 today (-0:

-Never be mean to them- in their mind they are correct- no matter how crazy their story may be, just agree.

-Make sure they are safe and have someone to look after them- they are now going backwards- Dorothy is around the year 10- I’d guess as far as her mind and most memories.

-Be sure to get them outside whenever you can.  You can take them around the same block for a few minutes- they will not know the difference.  

-Talk to them about their life- ask them questions- don’t demand an answer- they will give the information they want.  Again, don’t correct them when they are wrong.

-Visiting Angels – in my opinion- is the best agency out there for early onset of dementia.  They come to your or their home- and adjust to your schedule.  You might have to go through a few to find the perfect fit- but when you do- you will know it.   

-When it’s time to move them into a more protective environment- outside your care- make sure to place them in Assisted Living first- and be sure the facility has a Memory Care Unit they can transfer to.   They will make friends and settle in just fine- they will only want you to feel guilty and tell you otherwise. (-:

-Befriend other patients at the facility along with the staff- it will go a long way when needed.  Make sure you know all the rules and how the game is played- it will be easier on everyone.

-Visit whenever you can-if Covid ever goes away- send them flowers to brighten their day or send them their favorite golf magazine- everyone loves to get something fun in the mail.

-When you do move them – less is more- if their room is full of “stuff” they will get confused and sad.

-You are the boss, you are in charge, you have to make the best decisions for them, not you. 

-Make sure you and your siblings are on the same page, if not it will be an unnecessary rough,                        dramatic ride.

You got this!

Love and Light!

Cheryl Doreen

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