It’s still a lock down in the Memory Care Unit and It’s still a lockdown all over the world.  It’s also the middle of February and it’s too cold for Dorothy to come outside to visit.   It is a tough situation I still find myself in- along with half a million other folks who cannot see or hug their loved one.   I know there is nothing I can do and for me that is tough- I’m a fixer- I’m a doer.  This sitting by waiting the pandemic out is tough.

I do talk to the facility about mom and she is fine and happy. And knowing that -I can be at peace ( sort of LOL).  Dorothy is good, she is safe, and she is happy.  There are a ton of folks out there that can’t even say that.

So, find some happiness to help you get through the rest of this winter and the rest of this pandemic.

Turn on “Happy” Pharrell Williams- and don’t forget to get up and dance!  

Be safe!

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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