Same sadness daily….

I called to check on mom and she was having a bad day.   I spoke to the nurse first and she let me now that mom was doing great- but she was having a tough morning.  Dorothy was talking for the last few minutes about her sister.  She was crying and upset with Deloris (her sister) and she was not in a good place.    The nurse put mom on the phone and left the room.   Mom started to cry harder, I couldn’t understand what she was saying.  I hate it!  I got her calmed down enough to where I could understand her.  She told me how mean Delores was to her and how she couldn’t understand why she was so mean.  She was worried that Delores would come back and pick on her again.   I assured her that Delores was not going to be coming back that I had personally asked her to leave you alone and you will not have to worry about her anymore.  She cried harder and asked me if I was sure she would not be coming back. It makes me wonder what – if anything Delores did to her when they were growing up.    I finally got her settled down again.  She called for the nurse- on her own- and handed the phone back to her.  The nurse assured me mom would be okay in a few minutes when she found her friend Martin.  He is a retired police officer- and she are best buds- so, I am told. Which I believe because when Paul and I moved her she did not leave his side.   They make each other laugh and they are doing everything together.  I’m so happy she has a friend, I can’t’ imagine going through life without one.    I recall my dad telling me you were a lucky person if you could count five friends- I never knew what he was talking about until I was older.   We all have acquaintances- but- how many true friends- the ones that are there for everything- do we really have?    

She is fine and she has her moments- I’m glad they do not last long, and she is not in a state of sadness all day long. I’m glad the nurse is there for her when no one else can be. 

You Got A Friend- James Taylor

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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