New Doctor! (-:

Mom has a new Doctor- and he’s wonderful- actually the entire office is wonderful.  He did a zoom with mom- and the nurse and then he called me, and we spoke for 30 minutes.   I had previously sent over all her medical history and a dossier of what mom likes and dislikes, how she reacts and so forth.  We talked about all this stuff and he asked a ton more questions.

I told him that mom was a nurse for the folks she has turned into and before she got so bad, she told my brother and me what to expect, what to do, what not to do etc.  The directives she had legally drawn up and no desire to keep her alive, her living will and her verbal wishes.  He gets it -all of it- and I’m very comfortable and assured that mom has the best doctor for the rest of her life.

He was going to write an order for all the over-the-counter drugs that I sent over and I am going to make an appointment for her to go to his office in person next month.   

Another thing I learned- you can take your loved one out of Memory Care for doctor appointments- and since mom doesn’t need to see a doctor- I never knew this.  But now, I’m going to find a doctor to take her to once or twice a month.  This is so crazy to me- what we can and cannot due during this pandemic.  I wonder how many more rules I am missing.   I will be sure to ask the director the next time I talk to her.

So, all is well- or as well as it can be.   We will see what tomorrow brings.

Doctor My Eyes-  Jackson Brown

Love & Light!

Cheryl Doreen

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