Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2021 was a good day.   Mom got to get out and come over to my house, and spend the day with the family.  The weather was perfect and the food delish- first grill out of the season. Yay!

Jessica and the boys were over, so Dorothy was on her best behavior. It’s funny how she doesn’t complain or fuss when Jessica is around.  (-:   I guess we all have that person who we want to continue to be strong for.

It was a good day- even if mom had no idea where she was and kept asking where she was- and was confused on who the boys were – we took turns answering her questions and asking her some to try to redirect her mind- even if she was saying the same thing over and over again like-listening your favorite song- it was good to have her with us. When it came time for mom to leave- she was here almost 6 hours- I realized that we did not take any photos.  So, I got everyone in one spot to take a few- mom was not happy about it and did not want her photo taken, she did stand still for them, but you can tell in the photo that she did not want to have anything to do with smiling.  So- mental note for me-next time get the photos done first thing- this way everyone is smiling and excited to be together. 

This could be the last mothers day with mom- or it could not be- we just never know.  I do know that it will be a good memory for me for the rest of my life.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

One thought on “Mother’s Day

  1. Happy to hear you were able to spend the day and time with your momma on Mother’s Day. You are right when you say, “it could be tge last one.” Only God knows our time, so cherish every moment, as I know you do. Good to hear from you about your mother. God bless.


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