Hello, Old Friend – really good to see you once again!  

Eric Clapton –“Hello Old Friend” (no reason to cry album).   

Dorothy is good!  She’s still a bright light shining for everyone around her. She has a happy smile, and positive energy surrounding her- they enjoy her where she is.  (-:  The Assisted Livings have opened back up for all who what to go inside and see their loved ones.  I’ve been every week- for the past month (-:  and It is really good to see mom again on a weekly basis.    (-:  ❤    

I go, and we sit outside and visit- we change her bedding and I go on a hunt to find her dirty clothes.  (-:   She says she doesn’t understand how the dirty ones get back in the drawer.   She moves what little decorations and personal treasures around and sometimes I find them in the drawers hidden under clothes.  I’m assuming she is packing to go home and other times she is hiding them, so no one takes them.   

I usually put them back out where they were before she “hid” them – always, without saying anything .  Sometimes I will take the framed photos of current pictures home with me- because I wonder if she does not know in the moment who they are- and sometimes she does not when I ask her- and this is why they are in the drawer.  I do know that her granny, pappy and sister’s photos dating back to the 1940’s are always out.  And she shows them to me every time I go. 

Last week when I visited, we were able to bring three of her friends outside with us Walter, Jim and Rosa. We all sat at a table in a circle. All I had to do was ask a few questions to Walter and Jim to see what they had to say or wanted to share.   Walter is as you know the police officer from up north-he never seems to have much to say- he’s very soft spoken, kind, bright eyed man- probably mid 50’s.   Jim, I found out was a boxer back in the 80s and 90s – when he told me his name and talked about his past-he had a sparkle in his eye.  He was happy to tell someone his story- and I was happy to hear it. I made sure to look him up on the world wide web.  Sure enough! – he was everything he said he was.   Now- mind you Rosa and Dorothy did not need to be asked any questions- they asked them.  As soon as the boys were quiet for a moment they both would start in-  LOL   They both wanted to know when they could go home, how much longer they would be there and why they were there.   

This was very interesting to me- the men seemed content to be there and just be- and the women were the ones seeking a way out.  (-:

It’s been good to get back to see mom on a somewhat -regular schedule- to spend some time with her and just sit and listen to her.   Even if it’s the same old record- at least it’s her voice.   I am looking forward to taking her up to the lake- a 10-minute drive from where she is- as soon as we are allowed.  (-: I look forward to sitting with her outside, with no fences or buildings in site.

It is still tough- tough to watch the strong, independent, all knowing, all loving woman that she has been to me my entire life be so lost and confused.   

All I can do is what I can do- so, I do it.   I go, I talk, I hug, I love, I ask questions, I agree even when I know what she’s saying is wrong- it doesn’t matter-  I just be there for her.

Love and Light!

Cheryl Doreen

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