The Great Escape

My brother called me today. He got a call from the Memory Care facility.   They called him to let him know that mom had escaped.  Yes, it seems that the lawn company had left the gate open.  Mom was out in the courtyard and decided to keep walking.  Someone saw her, got her back to her “home” without any incident.

Good for her was the first thing that came to my mind.  Yay, mom!   Freedom and independence, if only for 15 minutes.  I wondered how she felt and what was going through her mind.  Was she excited?  Did she understand that she was escaping? Did she have a plan?   Was she more confused the more she walked?  Or was she more in control?  Did she get scared because she had no idea where she was going? Or was she so excited to be walking that she did not care where she was going?  Either way, her self-determination of “getting out of here” finally paid off.  

I know that something “bad” could have happened- but it didn’t.  All was good, except for the paperwork that the facility had to do and the extra measures that will have to be put in place to be sure the gates are closed going forward. I hope they continue to let her go outside and walk the courtyard. I hope they don’t “punish” her for getting a few minutes of freedom. 

So, yay for Dorothy!  I was so happy for mom that she got to experience a little bit of “her choice” and walk out the door.  I wonder what will happen next.  (-:

Love and Light,

Cheryl Doreen

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