A Good Day

I took mom out for the day on Sunday- over the Labor Day Weekend. (Jimmy Buffett- “Come Monday”- always comes to mind over Labor Day).  It was a beautiful day; I took her to my house where we ate lunch outside and enjoyed the afternoon. 

  She had no idea where she was- my place used to be her place. And the back of the house sets at the edge of the woods- it’s a peaceful, shaded area.  It is always 10+ degrees cooler back there – quiet, with the birds and nature.

Just a few years ago this back yard used to be Dorothy’s back yard- where she would spend hours and hours either relaxing on the swing reading or working in the small yard.  

She could not connect the memory-she had no idea where she was.  She also could not wrap her thoughts around the fact that the house was connected to the porch. She thought I lived in the woods.  She kept saying “Cheryl, I can’t believe you live out here in the woods.” 

 I can’t help but think her soul knew where she was because she was so calm and relaxed.   She sat on the swing- which was her favorite thing to do when she lived here.  She talked to Paul and I the entire afternoon about the same thing- but it was ok, it wasn’t her normal song- it was more relaxed and she was at peace.

  She asked questions about her sister and her granny.  She asked about Jessica and the “boys”. She asked how work was for Paul and me.  She asked these questions over and over.  

 At one point I asked her why she only asked about these people- and she looked at me in the eyes and said, “because those are the people, I love the most”.  

I had plans for the evening- but I called and cancelled them.  You never know what you are going to get with a demented person, and it was such a good day- I wanted to extend the visit for as long as I could.  

This is a good memory, and I will cherish for years to come.

Peace & Love,

Chery Doreen

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