Beep All Night Long?

It’s been a few weeks. )-:  I’m in processing mode. (-:    A nurse at Dorothy’s home suggested we bring in hospice.  Hospice?  I asked, mom is not on her last weeks? What are you talking about?  She informed me that Hospice can come in, take over and do a better job of assessing a person’s situation sometimes better than the doctors can.   With the last several weeks of “clusters”- I agreed for this change to happen.   Who Knew? 

It’s been nothing but positivity from the start- they reached out asking questions and getting the paperwork going. Lots of positive energy.  Dorothy has been seen by two folks, within 4 days, one which is the hospice nurse, the other the hospice clergy. They both reached out to me to let me know what they experienced and asked me some questions.  It’s been about three weeks now and she is doing so much better!

Dorothy is no longer in pain- I’m assuming it’s due to the pain pills she is still getting on a regular basis.  And that’s ok- the goal is no pain and keep her in constant comfort.

It seems like an endless stream of circumstances that continue to flow, and they seem to come more frequently these days.   The latest episode below-   I cannot make this stuff up-If I could I’d be a writer for a television show. LOLOL Sigh!

Paul and I went to visit mom last Saturday- and when we walked in all the residences were out of their rooms and either packed into the couches or a comfy chair or even the dining room table and chairs with their heads down on the table, everyone was asleep!  It had to be everyone as   I have not seen that may people out in the common area since I have been going. Most folks choose to stay in their rooms.

When we walked into mom’s room, we heard this BEEP!  Every 15 seconds the BEEP sounded- never stopping.  It was the smoke detector!  It needed to be reset, or a new battery or some type of maintenance completed.   I’m not saying this is the reason everyone was sleeping in the common area-where this sound could not be heard- I’m just Assuming this was the reason. I also wondered how long this had been going on.  I for one would have been batsh!+ crazy.

So, I went to find someone to let them know and to get maintenance to fix it.  I was told that the maintenance man only works Monday – Friday.  I asked if there was an emergency number for maintenance they could call- no, was the answer.  So, I went back to Dorothy’s room and started our feel better, let’s get clean routine.  After the shower, Paul and I talked about just removing the device ourselves.  We decided this was not a good idea-he suggested calling the Fire Department. Brilliant!  

So, I went back searching for a worker and asked them again if they could get the maintenance man out- or if someone there could look at it.  I was told again no, I calmy said, ok then it looks like I will have to call the Fire Department-they will figure it out.   Needless to say, the issue (in moms’ room anyway) was taken care of within 5 minutes.   They found a chair and a tall worker man, and he disconnected the smoke detector.   I’m sure they did not want to explain to upper management why the fire department was there fixing the smoke detector(s).  I’m sure the fire department would have checked everyone’s room- in hindsight, maybe it would have been better to call them in the first place.  ?

Again, I am not saying this is why —– everyone was sleeping in the common area, but I know for sure it was for Dorothy.

I waited all day Monday for a phone call from someone at the facility, I did not get one and at 4:30 I decided to call.   I spoke to one of my favorite workers there and asked her how I should handle the situation.  I told her the story and she stated that there is an emergency number for maintenance on the weekends and off hours.  I suggested that she share that information with the ones that told me they do not.   While I had her I shared a few other concerns of mine- one being when are they going to unlock the front doors so the family can have easy access back in- or at least give them the code to the locked door.   She assured me she would take care of what she could and pass on the door question- she also welcomed more calls from me of any future situations.   (Which I’m happy about, this is what she should have said).

I understand that there is a shortage of workers, I have my own opinion on why this is, but we will save that for another day. I also understand that those who work in this area are worn out, it has been along few years, and everyone is ready for change for the positive.    I also appreciate them very much.

So, Dorothy, I will continue to have your back- I will continue to be a good advocate for your last years here on earth.  I will continue to help you be heard and hopefully never have to listen to a smoke detector and its BEEP ever again for any extended period of time.

 Tom Petty- I Won’t Back Down.  ❤

Love and Light,

 Cheryl Doreen

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