You never know what a day holds…..

I was headed up mom’s- to talk to someone in “charge”. I like to let them know I am paying attention and I ask for clarification every now and then on how this or that is supposed to be handled. Mostly, the cleaning schedule and food choices. When I got a call from the nurse that mom had her earring post back– stuck in her ear and they could not get it out.

When I arrived, mom was in her room- unmaking the bed. She had stuff arranged everywhere and she was in full dementia mode. I greeted her with “hello mom” and a big hug. Then asked her what she was doing and if she needed help. She said she was packing up- I told her that today was not the day she was going home. She looked at me with certainty and stated that she knew that and that the divorce would be final in the morning. So, I asked her if she was happy about it. ” Well of course I am- he’s a no-good man who just chases women”.

My dad died back in ’81 still married to mom- and as far as I knew they were happy. She remarried a man and supported him through chiropractic school- they moved to Texas and opened a practice. After a few years she caught him cheating with someone in the office. She filed for divorce. I wonder if that was where her mind was at those moments in time. I’ll never know.

Anyway, I got her settled down and I tried to see if I could remove her earring- nope. She is a tough lady but the pain was too much. So- off we went to the Urgent Care. What a delightful experience we had at the Wellstar Urgent Care Center on Cobb Parkway North -in Acworth. The ENTIRE staff was excellent! It as such a wonderful experience, if I need Urgent Care- I will travel there. The check in ladies were very pleasant, the nurse was the best ever with mom! and Dr. Z was so relaxed, and calm and treated her just like a child- and honesty that is a compliment. We were there a total of 30 minutes.

She had no idea what had happened 30 seconds after the procedure – or even where we were when we were walking out. But, she did smile and wave good bye to everyone and everyone returned the wave and the smile. It was such a God Wink!

On the way home she was confused and talked randomly about Granny- I just answered as she would want me to at the “time of her mind” she was in. It’s ok, in 15 seconds she doesn’t remember anyway- so why get her more confused or upset in 10 seconds with a “correct” answer?

Note to self and to those of you out there. Take the earrings out of moms ears-add it to the things to do list.

Gretchen Wilson- The Earring Song (-:

Peace, Love & Light,

Cheryl Doreen

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