Another First.

I got the call a few Friday’s ago- Dorothy had a mini stroke or a TIA- which resolves completely within a period of time. 48 hours is the wait and see time for this type of stoke. So, I spent four days and three knights with mom in her Memory Care Room. Waiting on the end, or more TIA’s or a full recovery.

When I arrived- mom was dysfunctional. Her head was on her chest- she could not hold it up. Her arms were failing from side to side. Her speech was slurred, her eyes lifeless.

Since she was so adamant about not doing anything to keep her alive, all I did was sit with her and get her up to walk from time to time. Saturday her speech was back to normal and her head was held high- but, she was very wobbly on her feet. Hospice sent a wheelchair over for her and that is where she spend Saturday. She had her meals in her room and I would wheel her outside and we would sit and watch the butterflies and the clouds drift by . She was able to let me know that Delores and all her friends were in the room. And she wondered why she had so many people with her.

Sunday morning she wanted nothing to do with her wheelchair- so, I was close by and held on to her as we walked. We spent most of this day outside as well. During Breakfast she told me that Jesus had come to see her and she told me in detail what she had witnessed. I asked her questions and she answered matter- of – factly. She told me that she had to finish her assignment before she could go with him. I asked her what that assignment was and she let me know that she did not know- he hadn’t told her. But, she said that he did give her a real cool pencil.

She talks about school a-lot these days. She also still talks about her sister- who she thinks I am most of the time. With her comments on both days about her sister and Jesus, I thought for sure Sunday night when we went to sleep that the good Lord would take her home- but, he did not- it’s not her time.

By Monday Dorothy was her “normal” self. She was stronger in her balance and wanting to visit her friends. So, by noon I was out of there. I will share my experience with her on the inside- another time.

Death Is Only A Dream- The Stanley Brothers

Sadly we sing and with tremulous breath
As we stand by the mystical stream
In the valley and by the dark river of death
And yet ’tis no more than a dream

   Only a dream, only a dream
   Of glory beyond the dark stream
   How peaceful the slumber, how happy the waking
   Where death is only a dream

Why should we weep when the weary ones rest
In the bosom of Jesus supreme
In the mansions of glory prepared for the blessed
For death is no more than a dream………………………

It’s not time for Dorothy to dream.

Peace, Love & Light,

Cheryl Doreen

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