Dorothy’s Dementia

Dorothy’s mother-in-law -Ella –was nota grumpy old person. She was always happy.  I remember going to family reunions on dad’s side and all her sisters would be there- and they were all very happy.  It was almost like they were trying to see who could be the happiest. (-:   As I saw them through the years as we all grew older – they never seemed to have aged or gotten old and grumpy- they were just as happy as I remember them being decades before. They were always full of love, light and laughter.   But, I will say- some of their husbands were old and grumpy.  LOL   

Maybe it’s in the genes. (-:     If so, I hope I have Ella’s genes- I just want to grow old gracefully and happily.

  I hope my daughter and grandsons don’t see mom as old and grumpy- I hope she keeps her “self” about her and is always happy and up beat when she talks to them. And their memories of grams are of love, light and laughter.

Dad died young- the age of 49- mom often says she is mad at him because he was lucky and died young. That he was lucky that he didn’t have to deal with any of the issues she is dealing with.  I do know that he suffered with his cancer and while the radiation and chemo took every life cell out of him- he was never grumpy or mad.  I never heard him complain.  Maybe that’s what parents do- protect their children from their pain.  I can’t help but wonder- if he was to grow old – would he be happy like his mom? Or would he be a grumpy old man? 

Mom isn’t grumpy all the time- just at Sundowner time.  She seems to be fine all day long- at the home- with her friends. 

Knowing this gives me some peace and comfort.  

And we are all looking for peace and comfort- I hope mom has it during the days.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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